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Black head remover

The core technology of magic blackhead.

Vacuum adsorption technology is adopted, which is different from the traditional brute force blackhead suction method. The cylinder is designed with strict calculation to create the right airflow to separate the blackhead from the skin, so that it can go to the blackhead without hurting the skin.

Operating Principle

4 black hats for different parts

The suction head is made of environmentally friendly PC material, and the friendly material brings users a sanitation and peace of mind.

1. Big round hole tip

It can be mainly used to suck black, and slowly lift from bottom to top when moving on the skin.

2. Microcrystalline tip

Mainly massage to exfoliate dead skin and suck out oil and keratin

3. Oval blackhead suction

Mainly promote skin elasticity, tighten and lift skin

4. Small round hole tip

Suitable for cleaning blackheads and pimples at the corners of the nose

Black head remover

Black head remover

Black head remover

Black head remover

Black head remover

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