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Аппарат для косметической плазмы 3 в 1

This is a modern device which uses plasma technology it is an innovative technology which is manufactured at OFAN this device offers convenience and simple of operation.

Product Description

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This is a modern device which uses plasma technology it is an innovative technology which is manufactured at OFAN this device offers convenience and simple of operation. This machine is medical device and intended only for the professional use by cosmetologist and trained certified professional.


1. Improve the skin surface and effectively treat acne and scars.
2. Antibacterial, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory.
3. Improve skin agging and eliminate wrinkles on eyes and lips.
4. Skin lifting, wrinkles removal.

3in1 Plasma


PLASMA (plasma) is the fourth material form that transcends solids, liquids, and gases. Applying high energy to a gas breaks down the molecule into ions, which produce light. Lightning, aurora, fluorescent lights, and neon lights are all examples of PLASMA. PLASMA can promote skin renewal, improve skin hydrophilicity and efficiently sterilize. It has been widely used in medical, beauty and air and water purification.

Highly efficient sterilization

It can kill all pathogenic bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus), fungi and odor-causing bacteria of allergic dermatitis (allergic eczema).

Skin regeneration

The volume of reactive nitrogen ions and oxygen ions is finer than that of pores, which is easy to shuttle to the skin, catalyze the regeneration of fibroblasts, promote skin collagen proliferation, increase skin elasticity, effectively wrinkle, improve roughness, increase skin density, transparency, and improve pigmentation. And help the wound heal.

Improve skin's hydrophilicity

Removes the aging substances in the pores of the skin and blocks the secretions, injects high energy into the skin and improves the absorption of the skin (the skin care products are attracted by the energy in the skin), especially the vitamin essence with a large molecular volume.

1. Open skin channel: Non-invasive superconductors increase the flow of nutrients between cells and promote cell uptake by stabilizing cavitation. And open the channel in the cell membrane to accelerate product absorption.

2. Rapid absorption of skin: TDDS plasma delivery technology, rapid opening of cell adhesion molecules (CAM), producing 60-200 times more shock, human absorption, the solution is instantly absorbed by the skin.

3. Anti-oxidation: The plasma energy causes the aging cells to shrink and recombine through the sputtering phenomenon, and at the same time inhibits the precipitation of melanin, leaving the skin bright and flawless.

4. Strong disinfection and sterilization:The plasma energy has a strong ability to disinfect, effectively destroy bacteria by avoiding the destruction of the molecular structure of bacteria and avoid causing various skin problems.

3in1 Plasma

3in1 Plasma

3in1 Plasma

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